2012 New pugs Video

Don't mess with these ladies.

Testing the Drive-Thru

The ridiculously useless followers (regulars) gadget has forced me to use the Email (Drive Thru) gadget. Hopefully this will work and send my subscribers updates as I produce them.


Live at the Pepper-Roni Bark-n-Grill

I tried an inexpensive handheld video recorder. The lighting was not so good and there are no manual controls on the camera. It's really meant for outdoor sports.

The video is a bit large and will take a moment or two to build a progressive load buffer.

Promotions For All

It's been a full two weeks. And both of my new employees have been promoted from restroom attendants to kitchen staff.

Congratulations to both Gretchen and Sophie!!!

They knew of the photography session and requested that I mention that they worked very hard on their diets. So I promised I would do that as well as throw in a couple of butt pics.

They didn't make this an easy shoot.

Even I, Mamma Moustachio, got into the action.

Another Stressful Outing

I took the sisters out on the front stoop. They didn't enjoy it all that much.
It was too new.